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Thanks for reading this! Thanks for spending time on my little but lovely world of EXO fanfics! I will do my best to write you wonderful EXO stories in the future! And lets all thank EXO for bringing us all together in the world of fanfics! Saranghaja!

About Me

Hi! My name is Circe. But everyone calls me Chi [because my real name is hard to pronounce]. I am named after the Greek goddess of enchantment – Circe.  But I don’t look enchanting, lol! But I hope my stories will enchant you [lamest line evar..]. For a person that write stories, I am not really good with words.. in person, that is. I am not a talkative person, more like an introvert and only have a handful of friends. I am also a home buddy. I rarely go out and when I do, I am mostly by myself. I love being on an adventure alone. So pretty much, I am a boring person, lol!

I have so many things that I like, which includes reading books, collecting books, drawing, crocheting, and of course writing. I am a free lance blog content writer by profession. I also crochet for business. And write fanfics to keep me sane.

And of course the thing that I love the most. Music. Which led me to EXO. I love EXO more than love itself [I don’t know if there’s such a thing, but yeah..]. I am an EXOL since Growl era. Actually a closet EXOL [because my former friends and colleagues are not into kpop and I knew back then they won’t let me live if they found out]. But when I finally quit my previous job, and cut ties with those people, I finally embraced my EXOL life and I have always been happy eversince and I feel complete!

I love all EXO songs. But the closest to my heart is ‘Don’t Go’. My bias is Park Chanyeol. And I love him so much. I love beansprouts but I love Chanyeol more, lol! And of course I am a big ChanBaek shipper. It is funny because I always dream of being with Chanyeol fo the rest of our lives, but when it comes to Baekhyun, I am willing to give up my own dream and will ship my bias with him! They seem so real. And you can say what you want against Chanyeol, or Baekhyun or ChanBaek, but that won’t break my love for them.

I want to be friends with EXOLs because they are dedicated and love [their EXO bias] fiercely. I may not always be active here but I sure am always active on my instagram account. You can check out my instagram account:


face revelation time ^^,



~the mind is the perfect grave for buried hopes and dreams..