About Me

I'm multifandom-ed but if you want names then let me bore you with my lists:

Ult Top 3 List:
Nu'est & Teen Top, Infinite, Highlight (aka Beast *sobs*)

2nd Top 3 Ult List:
KNK & Seventeen, Astro, Monsta X

3rd Ult List:
NCT & Wanna One, iKon & Winner, Block B

Also a complete softie for / My phases:
Victon, SF9, BAP, BTS, Got7, EXO, 24K, C-Clown, Big Bang, Shinee, my other PD 101 bbies, Myname and probably a lot more I clearly need help. Okay but I have lists so I'm not THAT confused of a fan LOL.

Girl Group Ults:
4 Minute

That's that.

I'm also a hiphop r&b trash (probably more than I am of a kpop trash) so yeah