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Hello Everyone! This is Lani or Seungseungka! I have finally published my work here in AFF! I personally love to write and so everything i have under my stories are my pure imagination! I hope you all enjoy reading them as i enjoy writing them! I try to explore as much genres in my writing and i'm willing to learn more. I do hope my stories all make sense hehe.

Previously i hated writing, but now it has become my daily dose of life! And i write just for fun no career intended hehe. But i guess you never know! 

But for now i have a message to all my readers:

Thank you for all reading my work! I hope you at least enjoy them or you get something out of my stories. 

To all that takes time to comment thank you very much as well! For all of those who subscribes thank you!

Thank you all for looking at my work! (^_^)

Also I'm finally on twitter if you want to follow me just look for SeungsKa2X I'll gladly follow you back neh! 

♥ ♥ ♥

Here are the list of my stories:

thank you to my y donsaeng chinguu!! ♥ ♥ ♥
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About Me

My daily life consists of only these:

This Only Guy: 

These Only Groups:



This Only Girl:

This Only Couple:





I love doing my nails! 

I Love Music
I Love Learning New Languages
I Love Hello Kitty (>^.^<) meow!
I Love Korea! 

I Love You~

YG Music is my OXYGEN!

Got it?! Nothing else but these! Only!