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Personal Message

If any of my FF sounds similar to another, it is pure coincidence!!!!!!!! If you come accross my profile, you should go vote in the polls I have!

Thank you!!!  ^--^

About Me

I'm a troubled high schooler who hates being popular. I have a lot of friends that are girls, but only hang out with a select few. I do have guys friends, but I'm super arkward around guys so.... I'm a failure *silently cries* My friends tell me to enjoy my highschool life, but I can't help but wonder 'How?' I've fallen into the K pop pot hole mid-summer of 2016 after watching the live action 'Joker Game D' and yes, I am/was an anime fan before tripping and falling head first into the bottomless pit.

Hit my head on:

  • ASTRO through 'To Be Continued'...
       ⇔first bias;now⇔ 

  • then BTS through ASTRO Weekly Idol Random Play [DOPE]... (joined AFF not long after getting addicted)
    ⇔first bias;now⇔ 

  • concussion from GOT7 through Real GOT7 on Netflix...
    ⇔first bias;now⇔

  • banged my head on the lege of BlackPink through withnessing Lisa's aegyo...
    ⇔first bias;now⇔ 

  • settling onto EXO through Ko Ko Bop Teasers.... 
    ⇔first bias;now⇔ 

  • slipped and caught a glimpse of KARD through Instagram and Hola Hola...
     ⇔first bias;now⇔

  • stanning KNK through Inseong, who I had mistaken him to be Jungkook (I admit, they have similar bunny smiles)...
     ⇔first bias;now⇔ 

  • iKon through their Bling Bling MV
     ⇔first bias;now⇔ 

I'm getting into:

  • Seventeen - my growing love for Mingyu and Vernon
  • TWICE - I honestly only seen 2 music videos from them... so twice?
  • Wanna One - I only know Daniel...sorry :/
  • 4Minute - even after they disbanded
  • VIXX - the Kings of Cheating complications
  • NCT - many Taeyong fanfics
  • Pristin - Eunwoo can be a girl name too...
  • Infinite - taking those L's because of L...
  • PENTAGON - 'Gorilla' was pretty good

I don't think I will get out of this hole anytime soon so, I have embraced this 'KPop loving side'. 


«On a side note: I've seen GDragon's Cayon MV when it came out (when I still in elementary); I like BigBang :D

Oh btw, if you want to talk about anime, hit me up, I'm always open to an anime conversation XD