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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello, fellow stranger!

I've been in the community of Asianfanfics since 2010. I'd say 2009 really, but I was quite afraid to create an account for some reasons I don't know anymore. I blame my fickle (and young) mind back when I was 11. Oh wait, I'm still fickle now haha.

I'm also a silent reader. Unless I finally decide after my silent debate with myself to post a lengthy comment. So if I gave you one (or more), sorry! But I hope you liked my insights regarding your stories. ;)

My fave groups? Hmm.

Super Junior. They're the reason why I got into Kpop. For some, it might be Wonder Girls, SNSD, 2PM, SHINee, BEAST, or any other active Kpop act back in the 2009 who took the music industry like a tidal wave. BACK TO MY POINT. I was actually a basher when I first met the group. I was just skimming through the channels on TV when I got passed their video of "Sorry Sorry" on Channel V. 'Damn, that's a lot of guys. They can't all be in one group, can they?' 'The hell? I can't understand.' 'They all look the same, and they look quite gay' NAME IT, I SAID IT BEFORE LIKING THEM.

But then come the late quarter of 2009, my best friend and I were looking them up on the 'net WITHOUT THE OTHER ONE KNOWING (Crazy, but real). So when SMTOWN announced that Super Junior will be having their final stop of their Asian Tour (Super Show 2) in the Philippines, Iris (my best friend's name) told me out of context and WE FREAKED OUT.

Then the rest of my ship of fangirling adventures in the world of Kpop sailed.

SHINee. I never really liked being involved with other fandoms until the second half of 2011... ? I forgot actually, but Damn loyalty. Technically they were the first group that I saw on TV performing on stage (Juliette era, Music Bank on KBS). But I didn't know that it was Kpop-related so I put it aside, only now that I've given it thought. (BTW, the very first Kpop song that I heard was Lollipop by BigBang and 2NE1 on a burned CD being played during breaks in class by one of my classmates around the second half of 2009??)

What caught my attention was their debut song. IT WAS THAT GOOD AND CATCHY YOU CAN FIGHT ME IF YOU THINK IT ISN'T. I STILL THINK IT'S THE BEST DEBUT SONG EVER (Sorry, SJ. You're still my kings. ^^) When I looked for the lyrics, I was incredibly baffled at the fact that I'm younger. Kinda wanted to be a 'noona' because of that song, but I'm alright now. AND I FREAKED OUT WHEN THEY HAD A FANMEET LAST 2008 I HATED THE FACT THAT I KNEW THEM LATER. When they got the chance to come back to the country it was already 5 years after that fanmeet. Sadly they weren't complete since Minho's got MC duties in Music Core (?) or somewhere else that I don't know.

INFINITE. When I became a fan of their music, I told myself that I broke another promise: to not like groups outside SM. But it was worth it. I really liked their style in choreography. AND. They're the first group that I had a bias on a visual. Yup, L's my favorite among the members. There's just something about his voice in BTD (second verse) that got me. Plus, the entire song of Can You Smile feels like I've heard it before. I never got my answer for that.

EXO. OT12. OT11. OT10. OTHOWMANY'SKEEPINGTHEGROUPTOGETHER.  They debuted the day after my birthday (and on the birthday of Iris. Damn luck). I didn't watch any of their teasers until I saw their official debut song which is Mama. Don't get me wrong I watched What is Love and History (prolly the reason why I was so intrigued by Luhan then, even the other stans), but I got busy with work because of my school organizations. I actually bawled when I failed to watch Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert I. THEY FREAKING SANG HAWAK KAMAY (Filo song) AND OPEN ARMS. C'MON WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT. Plus, it was the only concert they had here in the Philippines as 12. I did saw the K members for Kpop Republic (with SHINee).

I HAVE A LOT OF TRUST ISSUES WITH EXO. But I feel like this isn't the proper platform to express my thoughts about the members leaving. Considering the date that I published this, it's already a long struggle for the fandom but it's still infuriating. I might have a blog post about this issue but I deem it outdated so I might not do it anyway. Should you wish to know my stance about this, feel free to ask. ;)

BTS. C'mon give these guys the credit they deserve. I am not much of a fan of groups who main raps (Iris knows that) but I seem to have the exception to that rule. Plus like Infinite, they are awesome dancers. Pretty much enough for me to learn their choreography for Boy In Luv (legit, but don't judge).

I also like other groups but the uppermentioned Kpop acts are the ones I totally like. You may notice that there aren't girl groups, but that doesn't mean I despise them. I just really don't like them to the extent of fangirling over them the way I do with Kpop boybands.

Oh yeah. Biases: Donghae, Taemin/Key, L, Seungri (BB), Luhan Baekhyun/Chanyeol/Kyungsoo/Sehun/Minseok, Minhyuk (CNBlue), Sanduel (B1A4), Jungkook (BTS), Jo Twins/Jeongmin (Boyfriend) and so much more.

* I'm already boring you with my Personal Message since it's so long. Excuse. But yeah I decided to fill this up already since it's been 5 years and I haven't done my Profile any justice whatsoever (my picture's 3 years old, and I have curly hair now. I legitimately have curly hair).

YOU'VE REACHED THE END! CONGRATS YOU DESERVE A PAT ON THE BACK FOR READING A POST WORTH A THOUSAND AND ONE HUNDRED WORDS. If you wanna be friendly and know me better, just post ahead and I'll answer. ;) Make yourself comfortable! God bless!

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