About Me


Hi, I am your crack authornim hidden-tracks you may address me simply by tracks~ *sips wine* I'm 22 this year, been active on this site only recently since September 2017 - before that I'm just a phantom lurking on this site with 0 activities. I write fanfiction (mainly VKOOK) because I love VKOOK! I also love Victuuri from Yuri on Ice :)



No ads on my wall, I won't read them. PM me if you must.

Again, if you want me to check out your fanfic, do not wallpost me. PM me if you must and ask politely. Be nice and I'll be nice back.

Do not rush me for updates in a disrespectful manner.


And for those who read all the way to the end of this YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HUMAN. Stay awesome, have a nice day and peace out :) <3