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A multifandom fan, but first and foremost an Inspirit! Also a Carat, Exo-L, Aghase and Monbebe. Hope you like my stories as much as I enjoy writing them! Feel free to send me a friend request or follow me on Instagram and Twitter @wooyaboya. 


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Love Letter (Woogyu) One-Shot

Love Letter II: An Optional Ending (Woogyu) One-Shot

Dating Door Days (Infinite x Reader) One-Shot

Reservations (Woogyu, Hoya, Myungsoo) 

Forever and Ever (Alt Name: In My De-fans) (Woogyu) 

Ouch, Math! (Woogyu, Hoya, OC) 

I'm Like Tea Tea (Woogyu) 

Stupid Cupid! (Myungyeol, Woogyu) 

Don't Kiss Me I'm Scared! (OC, Mingyu, Vernon, Minghao) 

Club 17 (SC, HS, SK, OCs)

Tall, Short, Short, Tall (Meanie, WZ, OC)

Exo  Working on it!

Borderline (Exo OT9, OC)

Lil Something (BBK, OC) 

The Unimaginable Loudness of Missing You (Chen, OC)

Monsta X Working on it! X-File: Mind Games (OT7, OC)