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I'm such a multifandom trash. 

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Hi.. I'm weird af. Lol




"A bubbly, naggy and hotheaded girl like Im Nayeon used to be the best friend of the chic, cheerful and talkative Jeongyeon. But things just started drifting away, is it because of their difference? Or is just because they feel something? Something like, love?"


SEVENTEEN: (mainly Jeongharem. mian hihiz.)

Pajamas and Rooftops (GyuHan) ONGOING

"​​​It all started when Kim Mingyu becomes neighbors with his ultimate crush and sees him in his pajamas. Damn pajamas."

The Alley on the 13th Street (GyuHanWon) ONGOING

'Legends have it that the alley on the 13th street is the scariest of them all, they say a lone, hungry and monstrous creature was there hiding, and if you enter, you will surely be its next prey!'

Royalties (Jeongharem) ONGOING

It was when half-bred royal Jeonghan, needed to be his kingdom's ruler and he has five other royals wooing him for many different reasons.

Science of Being a Rebound (GyuHanWon) ONGOING

Mingyu dumped Wonwoo because he was in love with Jeonghan, Jeonghan rejected Mingyu because he likes Wonwoo, so Wonwoo decided to play along and actually pretend that he likes Jeonghan, because if this is the only way he can get back at his ex, he’s going to do it.

Soon to be published (probably if I wasn't a lazy bum, this would be done in a flash, but sadly I am):

Holy (JiHan)

"They both lived with strict religious beliefs and practices. But all they know is that they want each other. They need each other."

Distortion (JunHanxMeanie)

"When everything just feels surreal to the point that it almost feels distorted."

Sticks and Stones (WonHan)

"They went through thick and thin and everything just went down the drain."