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"Stepped away from reality, got lost in a fantasy, that led to my insanity."- Me :P

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Semi-haitus (Updates will be scarse as I prepare for the MCAT.)

I love lots of things, right now I'm in college studying psychology and neuroscience. Don't really know what I'm doing with my life. I'm so distracted half the time with kpop (BTS), writing, reading, or some tv show. I love anime but haven't been interested in any lately. I read manga occasionally but haven't started anything new in years. I've seen a lot of shows, anime, dramas, etc and read tons of books (mostly fiction).. so if you're looking for recommendations, I'd be happy to assist :) I like roleplaying and enjoy pretending to know how to sing and dance (of course I am bad at both though). Anywho...I don't know what else to say, maybe I'll come up with something later. Bye, for now! ^.^

Oh before I forget, if you decide to read anything I wrote, please let me know what you think of it! I always appreciate any feedback!

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