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About Me

I'm Joy 
I'm 20 and I live in Germany (unfortunately).

twitter: @joy_infires
wattpad: @joy_infires
ao3: joy_infires

Kpop is my life!

My favorite groups + biases are:

-SHINee (Jonghyun)
-BTS (J-Hope)
-MONSTA X (Wonho)
-VIXX (Ken)
-B.A.P (Daehyun)
-DAY6 (Young K)
-GOT7 (Jinyoung)
-EXO (Lay)
-UP10TION (Kogyeol & Jinhoo)
-INFINITE (Woohyun)
-NCT (Ten)
-BTOB (Hyunsik)

I'm also very much into K-Hip Hop and Rap. I'm an AOMG stan but I also like other stuff :D. My favorites are:

- Jay Park
-Simon Dominic
-Ugly Duck

My ships:

-and a few little side ships that are too many to list


-WeiGyuYoul (or whatever tf u wanna call this OT3)

I ship too many people...there are more. I might list them all in the future

Hyuna is my queen ♡

In my free time I read books about Psychology, Criminology and Russian History/Politics. So I guess I'm a pretty smart one...kidding. I'm average :D I also read Fantasy . Harry Potter changed my life ♡ Percy Jackson is lit! ♡

I'm also very friendless (I have like 3 real life friends and my sister) and I'm awkward (even on the Internet) aaand of course I'm a coffee addict. I'm constantly tired which is why I don't update after a schedule.
Be my friends xD