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About Me


My name is Lee Sang Kyung, when people hear my name they ask Leessang? No.I am not Leessang I am Lee Sang.

I can't speak english at all, I use translate apps to talk to my international friends on instagram and snapchat.

I like guys and girls, but I have never had a relationship.

I LOVE Olltii,Seo Chul Goo, Dok2, Cjamm, Kim Hyoeun(he's attractive for some reason), Jaypark, Tablo(He's so sweet), San E, Zico, etc.

*Insert hot picture of Olltii here*

I was born in Jeju but my dad got a business job in Hongdae so we moved.

I've met Olltii multiple times but he makes me nervous because he is wayyy to attractive.

I like street cyphers but I never participate.

I want to someday go to the United states.

I reject everyone who asks me out because I get wayyy to nervous

I openly support gays

I am biual

I want to marry OLLTII because he is so dang perfect~ He is also my ideal type of man

I can fluently speak Mandarin Chinese and Korean, rough Japanese and am working on english

I pay for english translating apps because I can't communicate well to foreigners without it.

I am biual