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About Me



Heyyaa~ I'm Ailyn the loyal jihope shipper. Jung hoseok aka J-hope aka Hobie is my baby boy. He is so cute. I want to wrap him in a blanket and protect him from those haters :p

Name is Ailyn

Hoseok's stan

JiHope Trash

nothing about me is interesting





this is my update schedule. please take a look at it. i will be following this schedule once i have free time (not on hiatus)

His rouge
Every friday

I kissed my own enemy
Every Tuesday

His enemy
Every sunday

mr. jung, my fake hubby
Every saturday

j-hope/jung hoseok of bts

My ub and baby

i love him so much

he deserves the world <3





on going

on going

Marriage without love [on hold]
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his rouge
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my gf doesn't know [on hiatus]
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i kissed my own enemy
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his enemy
read here

mr. jung, my fake hubby
read here



His mate // 23 chapters // completed // read 

my ceo is a bastard // 17 chapters // completed // read

being his fiance // 24 chapters // completed // read

bad wolf // 01 chapters // completed // read

jealousy // 01 chapters // completed // read 

Serial killers // 19 chapters // completed // read

the demon of lust // 19 chapters // completed // read

the biology teacher // 01 chapters // completed // read

agent partner // 16 chapters // completed // read 

friends with benefits // 03 chapters // completed // read

heartless mafia // 34 chapters // completed // read

can you teach me how to kiss? // 22 chapters // completed // read

training // 20 chapters // completed // read 

one dare changed everything // 01 chapters // completed // read

Love potion // 37 chapters // completed // read

Papa // 2 chapters / completed// read

fight me // 1 chapters / completed// read