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I post once in a blue moon, but I post (sometimes rearranging old fics I wrote for other fandoms if I particuarly liked them or,most likely,during my sad attempts at getting the muse back)
Meanwhile, plotbunnies reproduce like real bunnies and my prompts.doc can rival Crowley's list

(I think I haven't watched Supernatural since the 2nd-3rd season)

I've written mostly EXO and GOT7 fics, being a Xiuhan and 2jae trash. I like almost every ship, though, except a couple of maybe-NOTPs.
[for the record, my EXO fics include past and current members.]

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♠ '90 liner
♠ english isn't my first language and despite having studied the language for so long I still make mistakes =^=
♠ awkward penguin


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