About Me

i am my grandma's pet.
i am my mother's baby
i love food.. though i dunno how to cook.
i am certainly a childish person.
i am a dork.
i am in love in riding big bikes!
i am fond of music. 
i am irrevocably in love with my idol "Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff"
i am interested in politics and plan to take over the world!
i love dogs. i love cats. i love all sorts of animals as long as i don't have to take care of it.
i am a green tamaraw
i am not fond of corny jokes
i love ghost stories
i am a moody person
i love dusk
i love cold and wet days
i am a yoga addict
i am in love with anime and manga.
i am a quiet person
i am a serious entity
i love the fresh scent of a newly open book
i am a checkers addict
i shall have a politician as my own personal slave
i will be a teacher
i will be a professional motor cross rider
i will be a mother to a pianist, a lawyer and a business man.

-- budi, when asked what her multiple personalities say to each other. :)