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Hello, hello! <3


I'm a college senior and 21 years old. I'm on the Pre-Med track -- and am extremely busy with my tough schedule of classes, volunteering, working and shadowing. I write, but updates are sporadic. 


Also, I'm really friendly and love meeting new people, so if you ever want someone to talk to feel free to hit me up! :)))


However, if you want to recommend a story to me it better have good grammar because that is one of my biggest pet peeves. Also, it better not be a "you" story that is actually an OC as the female lead. If the character has a name, specific appearance and specific background then it's not a "you"/reader-insert story. 








hello fascination

rating : 17+

focus : reader x shinee

genre : one-shots, romance, comedy

next chapter status : 0%

posted : 5/100


fireworks in la

rating : 13+

focus : ocs x u-kiss {original}

genre : romance

chapter three status : 0%

{indefinite hiatus -- possible deletion}


is in the air

rating : adult

focus : reader x various kpop artists

genre: romance, , one-shots

next chapter status : 5%

posted : 2/79


living with idols

rating : 13+  

focus : ocs  x various kpop artists

genre : romance

chapter six status : 0%


hell hath no fury

rating : adult

focus : reader x yoseob yang {beast}

genre : romance, , thriller

chapter five status : 0% 


a touch of destiny

rating : 17+

focus : reader x dongwoon son {beast}

genre : romance, mild sci-fi

chapter three status : 0%


apocalypse : the rise of the dead

rating : adult

focus : reader x top {big bang} ; ocs x various kpop idols

genre : romance, horror

chapter four posted: [10/17/12] 

chapter five status : 80%

About Me




K-Pop has now taken over my life. Oh, yes! <3 
My K-Pop Bands
♥ SHINee
♥ Beast/B2ST
♥ F.T Island
♥ 2NE1
♥ Big Bang
♥ Block B
♥ 2PM
♥ ZE: A
♥ Teen Top
♥ F. Cuz
♥ B1A4
♥ Co-Ed
♥ Infinite
♥ Jay Park
But I guess you could call me a B2TY, Kiss Me, A+, BBC, Blackjack and VIP....Oh, and now an Inspirit. Yeah. 

Bias List:


♥ The Almighty Key

♥ Yoseob

♥ Sunggyu

♥ Mir

♥ Jay Park

♥ Zico

♥ Dongwoon


♥ CL

{I just love them all >_<}

But mainly it's the boy bands since I've never been one for girl bands. I'm also into a lot of American music, mostly rock, metal and alternative. My favorite American bands are Breathe Carolina {Hence my screenname :))}, Avenged Sevenfold, the Used and Escape the Fate as well as Imogen Heap who is a British artist. If you don't know them you should check them out! They're all amazing~ 

Also, I'm don't have a smidge of Asian heritage. I'm of 100% European origin: Swiss, German, Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Sicilian. Yep. That's me. Although, my Vietnamese friend calls me an inverted Twinkie. Evidently I'm white on the outside but yellow {Asian} on the inside.