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He is just Aiden for Summer...and they'll be swimming in the east sea










I´m just a small black molehill in a huge white world..... AND I LOVE IT!!!

About Me

Hi AFF! My name (as maybe you can guess from my url) is Diana, I live in Zacatecas, Mexico, and I'm 20.


Maybe you already figured this out as well from my profile pic, but I'll tell you anyway...I'm a huge, and I mean it for real, HUGE Shadow, which means, for those who don't know it yet, that my main OTP are SooHae: Choi Sooyoung from SNSD and Lee Donghae from Super Junior.


But!! That doesn't mean they're the only ones I ship, I also like (not all are in order)

*HyukYoung (Sooyoung/Eunhyuk)

*83 line, TeukChul (Leeteuk/Heechul)

*2Hyun (Hyuna/Hyunseung)

*Skydragon, GDCL (Chaerin/Yiyong)

*JongYoung (Sooyoung/Lee Jonghyun)

*Dooley, ShinHwa (Shinye/Yonghwa)

* HyoHyuk (Hyoyeon/Eunhyuk)

*HyunWoon (Hyunseung/Dongwoon)

*TOPBOM (Bom/Seunghyun)

*YeHae (Yesung/Donghae)

*SooRi (Sooyoung/Yuri)

*HyoYoung (Hyoyeon/Sooyoung)

*TaeTeuk (Taeyeon/Leeteuk)

*SeoKyu (Seohyun/Kyuhyun)

*YulHyuk (Yuri/Eunhyuk)

*SunSun (Sunny/Sungmin)

*LuNew (Luna/Onew)

*TeukHae (Leeteuk/Donghae)

*LayHan (Yixing/Luhan)

*HeeSica (Jessica/Heechul)

*YeSica (Jessica/Yesung)

*YunBoa (Yunho/Boa)

*Daragon (Dara/Yiyong)

*YoonWon (Yoona/Siwon)

*Taelli (Sulli/Taemin)

*KyuJong (Kyuhyun/Lee Jonghyun)

And some others I can't remember right now kekeke


The ones I DON'T SHIP (so please NEVER ask me to do fics about them if you don't want me to punch you in the face lololol) are mainly:

*EunHae (I don't see them as a couple, but as bro-friends ok? Period)




*ChangSoo (though I don't mind reading them)

*KyuYoung (some very rare times I do ship them, but not quite often)













*Hyuna x any other Beast member that is not Hyunseung XD

And well I could go on and on and on, but I think that's enough >.<


ANYWAY, please read my fanfics and comment or subscribe if you like them...