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Somewhere in the distance, far away, a small figure could be seen. Mist is covering the vision, raindrops drop one by one, hitting the damp muddy ground with a splashing sound. There she is, standing alone on the middle of the field, not even knowing why she is being sent down here. She let her wings spread, white large feathery wings on both sides rise up, covering the bright sunlight to shine on her. And, she starts to make some steps toward the figure she sees, despite its unknown distance. . .

"Walk on, wandering souls, for your respite we pray. Let our humble songs clear your hearts of dismay. Rekindle the flame in your heart and set you free. So walk on and becime the light that guides the way." , she sings again and again, though she has no knowledge about the song itself. Her memories are lost, but she is determined to create a new journey in her life. A never ending one..

⸺ Who am I?

My real name is Rina. I am a supporter of DBSK, TVXQ, JYJ, BLACKPINK, EXO, BTS, GFRIEND, TWICE, PRISTIN, APINK, HYUNA, and many more. I am a gamer, but not much like those who are like game-maniac. Photography shows my passion, writing expresses my emotion, ediiting tells my hobby and gaming reveals my self.

⸺ Who was I?

Someone who I regret to be..

⸺ A girl sees

Other than my hobbies, I am mostly interest in super natural too, but am nkt having dark magic. I am mostly interest in stuff like Final Fantasy, a game of my favourite. I don't know why I am interest in it, it might be because for me it is kind of cool to be able to transform self into some creatures and it is amazing to have super natural powers, like teleportation and telekinesis. Though some people a fantasy is just a fantasy, for me it is something that I can hold onto. Something that can accompany me when I am stressed or lonely..

⸺ A girl hears

Anyway, it is my natural self to like to meet some new friends, mostly overseas. AFF itself is a way for me to communicate with people around the world, other than LINE, FACEBOOK and INSTRAGRAM, and other social media apps. Thus, AFF allows me to write stories and meet with some people that have the same interest as mine. I am glad to know AFF..

⸺ A girl knows

"Leave your fake world, Live your real world." this is what I have been using as my quote. To know more about me, maybe you could send me some friend requests or sending me PMs. :) 


I wonder if there are more to discover in the sky, something more amazing than the stars themselves :)


IG: @pfex_0.

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