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`* parkhyungsik      
   november 16, 1991         main vocalist          actor          ze:a          183 cm.   
우리 한 약속은 바람과 함께 사라졌어. ❞
born with the name park hyungsik. call me hyungsik.
that's an order not a suggestion. they say i'm
a ticking
aegyo bomb. am i really ? find out it yourself.
please give me cute presents every
16 november.
kiss me at the height of 183 cm. can you reach that ?
or would the better question be, will i let that ? my
weight is not your concern. currently working my
star empire entertainment.
한 순간 얼어버린 너의 그 표정.
single straight uninterested
there's only one way, two say, those three words, four you, i love you.

credits to 時間. do not steal.


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21th of July, 2012
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