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Personal Message

Where to find me:

Twitter: loyalmochistan

Instagram: jamjamnation

Tumblr: btskookieluv

Suomitumppu: transunipsu

Ao3: btskookieluv

Wattpad: btsjiminieluv

Inkitt: btskookieluv

Or just talk to me here! Send me a message and we can start a convo (I'm lonely) ^^

About Me

A lifetime Final Fantasy IX gamer who started playing the piano just to learn that one piece from the game but has been stuck with that instrument for years, and being claimed to be naturally talented with it. Then became a manga and anime nerd just because of wanting to learn the Japanese lyrics to that same song. Then through similar interests, befriending this one person who one day just happened to sing a weird song. Asking about it was either the best or the worst accident of my life. Getting addicted to kpop, getting rekt by BTS, stumbling across Jikook. Now I'm a fanfic writer.

All because of one song from some game most people don't know about. It's a good song tho.

(If you've played FF9 you can come talk to me about it I would be so happy)