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me: i just  want l. joe to birth our children preferably from like..
can it just magically be pullled from his body but like not mess with any of it because all the holes in his body are like the silt of his which if that's ruined i'll cry because i love his though i've never seen is; his bellybutton which i love because abs of love, his ear piercings which ow and i love them because piercings are my favorite thing in life, and his which just

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my name is bree and i am a big dumb! (*≧▽≦) i'm sixteen and i like the color pink a lot.  i tend to cry over anime and asians a lot, sometimes i think i'm a princess, and i'm very forgetful and awkward. i sorta flirt with everyone and i like kisses and nosey playing things. sometimes i type and it makes words and stuff and i declare it a story but it's really just a mess of things that don't make sense gomen