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Personal Message

Important- for fanfic writers!

  • I tend to read (and like) sequels, but if you change characters for the sequel, there is a high chance, that I won´t read the sequel. I am sorry...
  • I try to comment as much as I can, but sometimes I don´t have time...
  • I like to write long comments, but if you don´t like it, just let me know! ;)
  • Please, don´t force me to subscribe, it is my decision if I do or not. If your story is really enjoyable, I will subscribe (without you urging me to do).
    If not, I will bookmark.
  • Sometimes I unsubscribe after the end of the story. I am sorry, but I have to keep my subscription site clean, because I  subscribe to many fanfics...

Friends request

  • I am absolutely fine with accepting a friend request, but if you send me a friend request, leave a comment on my profile. ;)
  • If you are an author whose fanfic I read or someone who I talked to, I will automaticaly accept your request.
    But if I didn´t interact with you, please, write a comment why you want to be my friend. ;) Thank you!

About Me


♣ anime, manga, drama, Asian movies

♣ Jpop, Kpop, Cpop...

♣ Japanese and Korean tv shows

♣ Photoshop

♣ reading fanfics

♣ art, nature, interesting things

♣ meeting friends



♥ Arashi

♥ Asian Kung-fu Generation, Ayaka, Kat-tun, News, Utada Hikaru, UverWorld, Yui....

♥ Beast, SS501

♥ Baek Ji Young, DBSK, KARA, Mblaq, Shinee, Super Junior, Trax,


my most favourite idols....heart

♥ Matsumoto Jun

♥ Kim Heechul


♥ favourite couples: Akame, Hanchul, Jongkey, Onkey,Sakumoto,


I am not interested in:



female groups (but there are some exceptions)


Because I have problems to use the fanfic database, I will menton the fanfics which I read.

How I wish AFF would have functions which would mark a fanfic as read, or plan to read etc.


The fanfics which I read: (uploading the list)