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I should be a neurological study. I'm serious.

Dead serious.

About Me

Annyeong haseyo! *bows* ^-^

I'm this little 15 year old kid from India who wants to become a psychologist and fiction author

I enjoy writing long fiction but oneshots are cool too.

I abosolutely LOVE putting complex medical stuff in my stories (and killing people off. Almost. I try to restrain myself though.) and you'll find tonnes of that here.

I'm kinda over kpop now lol but I like so many groups TT___TT

Super Junior (ultimate love), SHINee, Big Bang, U-Kiss, 2NE1, Shinhwa, Sistar, EvoL, Nell, B.A.P, EXO...

That list will go on forever so getting on with it thank you for visiting my profile for whatever reason! Please read my stories! (go on click that 'stories' button. I know you want to. *nudge nudge*)

(*forces your hand on the mouse to click that button and click on my medicine story* GOD. READ. IT. NAO! *finally gets you reading* Wokay! *thumbs up* )