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Onew - Kibum - Minho - Taemin - Xiumin - Hyoeun


Onkey - Xiukai - Chenyeol


Shawol - EXO-L - Twinkle



About Me

I primarily write SHINee and EXO.

When I write SHINee it's usually Onkey and somewhat fluffy stories (with a tinge of sadness here and there and the occassional crime!AU) or extremely big OT5 au's that are ridiculously complicated. On the other hand, when I write EXO, it's usually angst with a heavy focus on mental disorders. I'm more likely to write member-centric EXO-stories than I am with SHINee but if (and when) I write EXO pairings it's mostly Xiukai and Chenyeol. EXO AU's are usually also ridiculously complicated.

(Honestly, though, all my AU's are a lot more complicated than I want them to be, so if you have any question regarding any of them, fear not and just ask...)