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Personal Message

I have my main ships and I love writing and reading about them

But I don't stick with only one pairing or one uality all the time.

I always try different things that means expect changes from me often.

I have my mood swings so please understand if I take it out on my stories.


I don't know if I'm talkative or friendly enough

But my pm and wall are open to anyone.

I reply even if I take long so don't hesitate

Because I'm not the type to make the first move. 

(Unless I like you so much...)


Btw. If you'll ever add me...

I appreciate it if you do talk to me.

I'm shy but I love it when someone just aks, blabber or even says hi to me.

I don't add just to raise the numbers, you know. 




About Me

It's either @Yoontaennie_07 or @yoontaennie (if you want to see or question more of my nonsense)


An SM and YG artists' fan, stan, person or whatever you call it but here's the list of the people I love the most.



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Though I am also aware and I deeply respect your fandom as long as you do mine.

May be a straight shipper but... well. You know what I mean.




||  Daragon | Baekyeon | Gtae | Jenbin | Bobsoo | Junros  ||






|| Taeny | Jensoo | Chaelisa | Chaennie | Seulrene | Yulsic | Chaera ||






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That's pretty much all about me that I can put here.






p.s. (not just plain drama but) heartbroken since 

|| 9|30|14  ||  10|9|17 ||