Personal Message


Talk to me!!!



I won't bite! Promise!!


What kind of face was that, Yeol?! *laughs frantically*


My hyungs have gone crazy... (?!) T.T


I still love them even though they are insane!! *throws hearts*


Nice words, Hyun!!! *laughs*


My groupmates have gone crazy!! Tankoiro!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THEM??!!






Me: Sorry Leader Gyu! All I did was asking Hoya and Sungyeol to tell people to talk to me! But the others just popped out of nowhere ~ ><

So guys, I think I should have said it personally *sigh*

All I want to say is: you can talk to me! I've been tamed (?) Lol ~ 


Gyu: YOU STAY RIGHT THERE! @#$%^&*(@#$!!!


Anyway, I heard Gyu is shouting at me bcz I accidentally caused trouble! I better run away now ~ Psshh... You can contact me all the time! ;) Ppyeong~



About Me

Hey peeps!

Somehow I can get away from the mad Gyu ! Lol

But I think I must run again...

So, to know more about me: 

1. Read my stories

2. If you don't understand, ask me

3. No plagiarizing (its common knowledge, kay?)

4. Just enjoy!! 


Now I really need to go!

I love you!!! <3