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- I'm a beautiful girl who love beautiful guy such as Lee Hongbin (VIXX), Jung Hoseok (BTS), Gray and Ssam D (AOMG crew)^^

- I'm a 96-liner with a zodiac, Leo.

- I'm forever VIXX trash, BTS dustbin and AOMG artist garbage

- I only read / boy x boy only

- I ship all coupling in VIXX but stan Hyukbin, Leobin, Raken & Neo the most~

- I stan for Yoonseok/Sope & Vhope too^^


* Lee Hongbin *

tumblr_omcv2umO9r1shzemlo5_r1_400.gif        tumblr_omnpmmYri51ubeaueo3_r1_400.gif      tumblr_omnpmmYri51ubeaueo1_400.gif  tumblr_ongj0kjS5t1vpbiyxo4_250.gif

tumblr_ongj0kjS5t1vpbiyxo9_250.gif  tumblr_onb74qrjwR1ucesnko1_400.gif  tumblr_onb74qrjwR1ucesnko4_400.gif


* Hyukbin *

love me do.   tumblr_ok72z5BGNG1r0skowo1_400.gif   tumblr_ok72z5BGNG1r0skowo2_400.gif

hyuk vixx HongBin hyukbin vixx hyukbin rv-562 • 

* Leobin *

Leobin... Oooh... LeoBin ❤ | Leo & Hongbin VIXX 빅스~~~my bias and the wrecker.:


tumblr_okrb6nTqcB1w48m82o1_400.gif   tumblr_okrb6nTqcB1w48m82o2_400.gif   tumblr_oo2zawfdNo1ql9awgo2_400.gif  tumblr_oo2zawfdNo1ql9awgo5_400.gif

 tumblr_omvm54zhf01tuqdkxo1_540.gif   tumblr_omvm54zhf01tuqdkxo2_540.gif   tumblr_omvm54zhf01tuqdkxo3_540.gif 

* Raken *

raken <3:  “KENVI (¬ε¬) flirting mode ON ♥ (requested by anon) ”


* Neo *

tumblr_ojse1sQgjx1rhwjzoo2_400.gif   Leo, N, Vixx, Neo, 160529, Live show in Singapore, neo,: 


* Yoonseok *

Suga,J-hope:    tumblr_omvpl8dlAo1vf9915o1_1280.png 

first love




* Vhope *

Resultat d'imatges de vhope:  tumblr_o91fbiVDDO1v2v6pmo4_250.gif (250×317)


plus Gray and SsamD :

Simon Dominic and GRAY Are Featured in High Cut | Koogle TV:

#SimonDominic #Gray #AOMG:

Simon Dominic 사이먼 도미닉 | 2/2




                      tumblr_omcqh10KM81vhuxevo1_400.gif                                                tumblr_omcqh10KM81vhuxevo2_400.gif