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Hello and welcome!

I write mainly exo.  I used to write yunjae, but as fate has decided, my life was destroyed by those little s.
Now I helplessly ship their sorry asses with each others. 
Especially kaisoo.

Anyways, I appreciate your visit! Read more if you'd like to find out more bout my current writing status. 


About Me

Currently in last year of college and have ripped my hair out in the process.

Officially a college graduate so who knows what gonna happen

Updates take me a long time because of school and procrastination.
A lot of my work is me venting about my life and events that have happened.
Characters are reflections of me, basically. 
My stories are secret dirty pleasures because I yearn for my life to be them. (not ual) 

Fics will not be posted until I have completely finished writing them as whole pieces.


We Have To Practice Accidents!kaisoo!highscool!au/hiatus

A Winter's Lament!kaisoo!fantasy!au/werewolf!au/characterdeaths/finished 

Truth's Little Hero!xiuchen!afterapocalypse!au/war!au/finished 


Spooky Scary!kaisoo!halloween!au/finished

Nini, Let's Play!!kaisoo!kids!au/hiatus

Coffee Grounding!xiuhan!exomember!au/finished


Let There Be Resolve!xiuchen!war!au/TLH sequel/finished

Old Fashioned!kaisoo!paralleluniverse!au/finished

Of Steamed and Buns!xiuchen!modern!au!chengdufood!au/finished

Political Affairs!trumpsoo!political!au/finished

no sir (i will not kiss you)!kaisoo!medieval!au/finished

Paradoxal Affinity!kaisoo!skyrim!au/finished

the boy who fell through the ceiling!huhan!timetravel!au!thelittleprince!au/finished

North and South!kaisoo!modern!au!platoniclove!au!kidnini!au/finished





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