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Personal Message

Ciao miei amici! <3

 I shall be exploring around the site alot, and um. er, I just.. hope to meet s'more friends.

^^". Have a nice day then. 



About Me

Well, hello theree! My names Marnie, and yes like the Alfred Hitchock movie about Love, Loss, drugs, violence, murder, more violence..etc etc. 

BUT NO. I'm not like that;). Honest!^^" I'm fourteen, turning fifteen on.. would you know it. HALLOWEEN! Yep, I'm half Italian and half English;). Oh but, I do miss Portoguaro, the sun, the beaches, the bugs. oh<3. I have like.. black eyes? Yep, thaats right. The darkest of the dark. ;) Scared?Rightey! I was shown to here by my amazingly inappropriate best best best best best friend. Kyra-Eliza.  Do check her out on CupCake_InSpiriT. She's the one who introduced me to your (Might I say BRILLIANT!) Fanfics. I thank her for that. 

Although, I've just started out. And I shall be coming up with a little something of my own in the weeks to come. I look forward to what you think of it!<3. 

Until then my friends..

Toodle pip!