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I'm bad at keeping my fics updated so I'm sorry to disappoint you all /.\

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My name is Joey (my nickname anyways) and I've been writing fics for around a year and a half now I'm 16 years old and I live in Canada ^^ My first language is English, but it's obviously not the best... however I am constantly practicing and writing in order to improve my writing skills, and I'm sure it has somehow over the year.

I stan VIXX and Seventeen, other groups being- GOT7, Monsta X, BTS, iKON. However, the fics I write are mainly Markjin (GOT7) and Jihan (Seventeen). Recently I have been branching out to different groups, Monsta X and BinHwan (iKON). I'm currently brainstorming up a new JiHan fic.

I always enjoy reading your comments and I don't bite, so please do come message me if you want to talk to me ^^ See you~