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welcome to a joint account between three best friends;

amy, roo, and kota

here is where we post stuff that we collaborate on.

hope you enjoy!



a message from kota ;

hi guys, i'm kota or meredith or kotes or empire call me
whatever i don't care anyway i like doing things like eating,
sleeping, crying, etc. i'm the only one that gets done in
this establishment because roo is busy with life and well,
amy doesn't really have an excuse. i do some html stuff, i
write sometimes, and graphics are amy's thing so talk to her
about that stuff, but i do reviews if you're interested. feel free
to look around and ask any questions ok.

a message from amy ;

insult chanyeol and face my motherin wrath, i dare u ho

                    a message from roo ;

oh. well hey, didn't see you there profile stalk--er, I mean viewer.
I iz roo, baby maknae withering to nothingness. I do some graphics,
some writing, and a whole lot of endless procrastination. um.
I love coffee and yunzilla. 
because you and I hope you get
ed in the dickhole 
you douchedick.

ily <3