About Me

hey there! it's me, sia, ya local wine mom and girl group enthusiast. i've been chillin' in the applyfic community here since 2012, all because i wanted to apply for every exo applyfic out there with my horrible self-insert character i'd been "developing" since i was like 9 (yikes).
trivia i guess??
* i'm a hufflepuff
* i can appreciate pretty much any kind of music, but i'm drawn to indie, alternative, and lo-fi. like not to wax poetic or anything but i love music that emulates the dreaminess of early morning, right before sunrise, and the lonely but content feeling i get laying in bed thinking about life and the universe. and, for me, that's what old synthesizers bring to music rather than just "nostalgic 80s vibes."
* i'm also trying to get into lesser known hip-hop and rap, but for now, gotta say my favorite  artist from the genre is kyle.
* korean musical artists i like: almost all girl groups and female soloists (too many to name, basically), dean, nu'est, tvxq, bts.
* anime series i can watch over and over: noragami, violet evergarden, fma: brotherhood, knights of sidonia, the devil is a part-timer.
"this will pass" - home