About Me


Things I write most: fantasy, action, gore 
things i don't write: ,  high school au

age: Not for you to know
birthday: february 19
where I'm from: oklahoma, united states
pronouns: she/her, he/him 

► now playing: Unb — only one
► now watching: unb — only one m/v
► now writing: to the edge of hell (dance, my love) 

random poetry? 
Fingertip to fingertip
in our younger days we had nothing to fear; 
all we did back then was feel 
now here we are and we're far apart
eye to eye, 
and yet can't see one another at all. 

i had planted many blooms,
treasured the flowers of memory;
I was once beautiful
a rose in a garden of weeds

Pride creates a monster,
love creates a demon 
and both put together
create devestation. 

i miss you is a lie, 
yet one i tell myself often;
if i don't, 
i feel like the monster i am 
The one who stole your best moments. 

The blossoms have wilted
all the flowers i planted are gone;
entangled in my own thorns,
i bleed into the earth

and maybe that blood
will nurture new flowers.