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 Hello there children, SomeHowAwesome here. Lol I know 'SomeHow' is one word, but I made this account when I didn't know. But anyway, hello guys I just wanted to say, please talk to me, I have no life. Lol. I'm nice too! I dont bite!


 So please do check out my stories and talk to me, kay?


I also reposted my story 'The H.H' on livejournal by this account SomeHowAwesome


Now let me take a pic of you so I may hang it on my wall!



Here are examples of some pics set by my hubby!




Thank you!

Please come again. I need the company.

Get to know me at your own risk.



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Note: It's school time :3 Updating will be slower                            


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Trying to keep a more strict updating schedule but I'm a very sloppy person. Therefore, I will alternate weeks. When a story has a star next to it, it's that weeks story, but each week, at least one story is garunteed a chapter until complete.

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