Personal Message

Please do message me/comment on my stories if you want to send a friend request. I'm quite open to those, but I'd like to at least know your username first.


I prefer no ads (especially roleplay; I don't do that). If you want me to read a story and give feedback on it, it's best that you just ask me to through a wall message or PM. I won't read stories on request otherwise.


About Me



Hello! My name is Emily.

I'm an aspiring author who writes perhaps a little bit too much on this site. Whoops.

I like to write, read, sleep and procrastinate. I'm especially good at the last one.  

I won't bite, so don't be afraid to drop a PM or a wall post to chat. I might take some time to respond depending on how busy I am. Please don’t ask anything personal, though (age, full name etc).

If you want to ask anything, hmu on my curious cat.

My ult-ults are Baekhyun, Yoona, Taeyeon, Wendy and Yeri and tbh, all of EXO bc they're actually lit ppl wow i'm blessed to stan them




Darkest Hour (Completed) — Baekhyun x OC, fantasy, romance, adventure

Cutlass — Baekhyun x OC, pirate!au, fantasy, romance

On Angel's Wings (Completed) — Baekhyun x OC, angel!au, romance, angst

Fearless (Completed) — Baekhyun x OC, slice of life, school life, romance, angst

Sea of Flames (Completed) — Baekhyun x OC, fantasy, oneshot, romance

Windwalker — D.O x OC, prince!au, fantasy, romance

Fire to Ash (Completed) — Chanyeol x OC, king!au, romance, angst, fantasy

Prometheus — Kai x OC, fantasy, romance, action

Touch of Hades — Chen x OC, assassin!au, fantasy, romance, action