Special Chapter! What should it be?

  • Haeun's journey after breaking up with Lucas
  • Mark's backstory case ( refer end of chapter 7 )
  • Jihyun's backstory case ( refer end of chapter 7 ) + knowing Haeun
  • Backstory on Haeun's past ( refer end of chapter 7 )

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° i have a dream i need to keep alive 。

izzy· student· '02 liner· tired 24/7· ?


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Hello, yes, hi - HEY! 

The name is Izzy or Zee, whichever is fine with me. Nice to meet you and thanks for taking the time to come and visit my b o r ing profile :D Uh, I'm dead inside, always exhausted but I'm still trying to survive so yay - gold star for me :)))

I'm a '02 liner and I share the same birthDATE as WayV's Hendery (bless this boy). I'm from the +8 timezone and I'm slowly trying to get a hang of getting enough rest because it's really draining my mental health aha #deadinside.

It's been around 10 years since I got into kpop and I don't plan on leaving the fandom any time soon. Can't imagine life without kpop tbh uheu,,, 

I stand multiple groups because I am AN UNLOYAL HOE but my mains are BTS, NCT (all units including WayV) and Red Velvet! 

A soft vanilla and I'd like to remain as such, sorry not sorry ;)

How i got into kpop

° answer;

I have a cousin who's been into kpop since the first generation and she slowly influenced me. I started getting into kpop around second generation and haven't left. I stand mostly third generation groups but dang, second generation groups were legends. So yeah, basically my cousin made me listen to a bunch of kpop songs and here I am.

How long have i been writing fanfictions

° answer;

Around,,, 5 years? Yup, should be around that. I started writing fanfics when I found myself wondering how these characters could make different choices and end up with different results. It's mainly to feed my own cravings of fics and let my crazy imagination out to somewhere instead of my head. My main pairings are usually IDOLS x OC since I don't have the confidence to write crackships or any kind of idols ships in general.

rules for walls

° please read!

ADS are welcomed on my wall but my only restrictions are roleplay ads. I don't have any intention of joining rps' here because I'm already active on rpr. Psstt,,, if you're on rpr let's get to know each other!

BTS · Jin, Yoongi

NCT · Lucas, WinWin, Jaemin

WAYV · Hendery

CLC · Eunbin, Sorn

(G)i-DLE · Yuqi

PENTAGON · Yanan, Yuto, Kino



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