Should I really be doing my coursework

  • Yes, It's Important.
  • No, But you need to try
  • Yes, but just ask for the extention
  • No, you can always go to college

Personal Message

Lemme introduce myself...  I'm Isobel! ^3^

My username is (as you can see): KimJKai19 *~^_^~*

i send my love to you all! No matter where you are from! <:

I'm very hyper and I do apologise if you find it annoying but you know what! *points to the door* there's the door, leave!

V/Happily taken (been over two years now >.<)

R.I.P To my beautiful angel Jonghyun. the man who saved me, and created and strengthen my friendships. I love you for it, i'll always remember you!

About Me

My writing can seem depressing but it depends on the story! (And also the situation.. But most of u get that!! C; )


Also i write using a ton of swear words... And some (they are well hidden, and I don't use them often) ual comments... Nothing mean just harmless u know. 


Here's some facts;

1) I'm actually a natural ginger.. (Don't say against it, I've dyed my hair now..)

2) I'm taken! He's so amazing

3) I'm bi.

4) I really love Starbucks and cookies...

5) love;






*SHINee, ect

6) I can't dance to save my life but I'm learning seventeens adore u.... Cuz yeah!! :P (I gave up - 21/12/17 still wanna do it tho)

7) I was inspired by Chanyeol to continue playing guitar. (which I also gave up -21/12/17 still have the guitar tho)

8) I'm happy with who I am, if you disagree with me on anything, *points to the door* Doors there, you may leave.

9) I'm hyper. Like overly hyper. Like Jackson. He kinda hyper. (Maybe more like V? - 21/12/17 NAH IM BAMBAM *DABS AGRESSVILY*)

10) if I feel like u need someone to talk to... I'm here~ I like helping people!! :D (SHAWOLs come talk to me if you need help or someone to lean on)

11) I really like talking and getting to know some of the people one here. You are all so amazing.

12) (Heheh exo ot12) I BLESS YOU WITH THE POWER OF RANDOMNESS AS I AM THE GODDESS OF RANDOMNESS!!! (this is dead but I love it. - 21/12/17 its still dead but im still random)

(there is a blog for this...and yeah....) 

*throws cookies at everyone* if u decied to leave take you cookie with u!! 

I'm out


KJK~ ^~^