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Personal Message

Uh.... THANKS FOR VIEWING MY PROFILE!! (: i'm not that good of a writer and i may seem like i dont care but i really do!! ^_^ I may not update weekly or daily but i promise a chapter once a week. usually on the weekends because well.... i'm still a student (: if you have any questions what so ever feel free to email me at the email on my profile!! please no spam! i'm trusting you all!! ^^ 

About Me

My name is Annie and I'm a plain teenager from the states! I love reading. I love writing. And I love Kpop. Result : Fanfiction!!! My all time favorite group is SHINee and in my opinion Lee Taemin is the best kpop idol out there because he's a y dancer, beautiful singer, and of course, he's my bias ^^ other than SHINee I listen to alot of kpop idols like UKiss, Infinite, EXO, Sistar, Lee Hi, Big Bang, and well there's just too much to list. I hope you enjoy my writing and I love loud readers that sprout their reasonable opinions so always remember to comment and tell me my flaws and if I'm doing well then tell me that too cause your voice and comments are my motivation to write!