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                         i go by the name of Kai's wifey , Heather.

i'm kind. unless you provoked me somehow to the extreme where I can't forgive you. unlike people who are obsessed with drugs or alcohol, i'm obsessed over kpop. i hate people who thinks kpop is simply gangnam style. T.T i mean, don't assume things so easily. before psy created legend with his gangnam style, kpop was also famous. you can call me Kaiwifey (LOL), Heather(/sobs/ i no like my name :x), Hiseu(._." my korean name LOL gosh sounds so weird but not like i mind~) or.. Mrs Jongin xDD 

i'm from the small little red dot, Singapore. not exactly proud of it though~ honestly wished i was born in korea instead. i mean, LOOK. JUST LOOK. SERIOUSLY I TOLD YOU TO LOOK RIGHT?! YEAH. THOSE HOT GUYS OVER THERE /SOBS/. Singapore only has like 0.00001% of hot guys. 

honestly dirty minded. kay shush maybe i should not say that HAHA. /grins/ my ultimate bias? i've TONS of them. but those that are irreplaceable imo are ... 

gosh sorry for my poor editing skills. i so much at it ): /cries/ 

i'm random sometimes :3 i do love to laugh a lot HAHAH <- see what i mean -_- xD 

i ship any couples to do with Hyuna, Daragon, Myungyeol, Woogyu, Yewook, Jonglo & more :) 

i might get bash for this but /shrugs/ this is just my opinion, feel free to jeer at me after seeing this but.. i'm sure i'm not the only one! :D ** i don't ship or like JunHara. neither do i hate it, i just dislikes it. tbh i know they're dating( i mean, who don't?) but honestly the point is.. i don't see anything between them? those staring moments I swear are NOTHING compared to JunAh (Junhyung x Hyuna), don't believe me? 

/smirks/ take your time to see these few videos that obviously showed something between them : 

(just click on the titles like below the yeah that's it) 

speechless junhyung 

gosh this is so freaky obvious

too cute for me to describe.

/the three above are the one i view almost every single day to spazz :3 

LOL why not lets' advertise ; subscribe to JokerQueen TV! gosh i love her she's so nojsnojnfod <3 i mean, a die-hard JunAh fan ain't that easy to find! ><" 

err. that's about it :3 want to know more about me? /cough/ friend req pls. HAHAHA. jk just a PM will do^^

follow me on twitter @ ilyinfinite! i lost my old one's password which contains so many precious followers T_T /cries/ just req for a follow back and i'll be glad to do so! :D