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what tense do you like for reading and/or writing?

  • past tense for reading and writing
  • present tense for reading and writing
  • past tense for reading, present tense for writing
  • present tense for reading, past tense for writing
  • no opinion

Personal Message

lmao i've drafted so many stories ;-;

[a note to myself] working on:

no question she's a perfect ten ; hp!kyungrene

a time just for us ; sns!au ft vsoo

a little bit scandalous ; hp!yoonnie

take a deep breath, here comes the drop ; soulmates!kaieun

--- ; baekiu

About Me

call me aves! multifandom af but my all-time favorites are exo + iu



lje ; bbh ; kjs ; zyx ; bjh ; lgl

u l p e x i n