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Personal Message

Daleun knows one thing for sure: she is not supposed to live. Being a thief but more importantly a mass murderer doesn't put you high on the list of their kingdom's Empress. Upon capture, Daleun expects to be executed on spot but instead finds herself stuck  in the mighty woman's care.  

Her survival instincts dictate that she should flee the first chance she gets but a newfound friendship makes that difficult. Iseul is everything she lost and more and for once, Daleun herself is happy. Of course, happiness never lasts forever and Daleun soon finds herself battling not one but two opponents vying to kill her friend. Considering how she is an expert in murder herself, dealing with the unknown killer is a piece of cake. The same cannot be said for her second and main enemy: herself.

Because while Daleun refuses to acknowledge it, she shares mind and body with a violent and deranged psychopath that she knows as her alter. And that alter is out for Iseul's blood.

About Me

Oh god, prepare yourself because this is going to be some long introduction. Okay, so I guess I should start with how I am dangerously addicted with writing and have been doing so since I was a little child (so please check out my story should you be interested hehe). I have a ton load of things that I like but I have very, very high standards for what I will read and what I will not read. For me, no matter what genre a story should be original (I abhor the cliché) with well rounded characters, a girl that does not have a gigantic neon billboard dangling above her head screaming I AM A MARY SUE! and some action packed into it. My preferences often go to dark, taboo subjects (not in the wrong people, put those pitchforks down please) such as crime, mystery and deeply rooted social issues that nobody really likes to talk about.

Serious author mode activated: Jokes aside, in case you're reading this as one of my little readers (awww thank you darling!) because hey, you want to know the brain behind the ridiculous roller coaster that is War of Minds (once again, I would highly recommend you to check it out #shamelessselfpromotion) writing is my escape. I can empty my heart and soul on paper and there is nothing more satisfying (and highly frustrating because I have to rewrite another goddamn scene because Daleun decides she doesn't like where my story is going I am going to personally murder that girl) than seeing my characters come alive on paper. Seriously speaking, it has helped me through a lot of hard times and to this day, still does. I have my fair share of demons, some which return in my stories and some that will remain hidden forever. The demons that are present in my story are drama queens so if you're the type of person who loves heart shattering, dark and twisted stories than maybe mine will be your cup of tea *wink wink.

In all seriousness though (jeez girl how many times have you tried that and failed? *shut up inner self!) these demons made me who I am to this day and they are one of the main reasons why I love stories dripping in angst with so much emotions they rip my heart out and shred it to pieces. I will do anything to read stories so dark and twisted it makes me want to puke or physically move into the story to give the main person a well deserved hug. Love is an exception though (which you might or might not have noticed in my own writing). If there is one thing I absolutely detest than it is romance (just thinking about it makes me want to roll my eyes ). If you ever want to take revenge on me, just force me to watch 89 episodes of some abhorrent, cheesy asian drama with all the cliches known to the drama scene and I will literally beg for a sweet death. My burning hatred for romance and my demons aside, I am a daydreamer with a brain that does not know when to quiet. There is not one moment of peace inside of that messed up mind of mine (no believe me, even in my dreams my brain always manages to give me a reality smack. Let me tell you about this one time when I met the idol of my dreams and guess what? Of course my ing brain had to conjure a cup of ing fantastic 40 degree hot coffee - bleh and I also hate coffee - that he ended up throwing over me so I got stuck in a hospital ON BLOODY VACATION with a SECOND DEGREE BURN WOUND! And let me tell you that my brain is very, very realistic when it comes to pain *sideeyes all the times she has been shot to death by random people in her dreams). But I digress. Wait... what was the point of doing this again? Oh yes, introduction. Hehe... hehe... I guess I might've gone off track a little bit *little voice whispers: oH yOu doNt sAy!

So who am I again? Oh yes, a crazy writing obsessed author who hates sunlight (to quote our famous John Maclean: "That great big shiny ogre is not getting anywhere near me!"), hates cucumbers (Yes Byun Baekhyun, yes you do have some good points... sometimes... well, let's just call this an exception, okay?), hates broccoli (*insert Muschu gif stating: "No that was vile! You owe me big!") and is such an awkward turtle that I please ask you if you would... well I don't know, like to befriend me... please don't have too high expectations? *puppy dog eyes activated. Pretty please ?