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What Type Chapters Do You Like?

  • Short, cute/romantic, (your otp)
  • Short, angst/drama, (your otp)
  • Long,cute/romantic, (your otp)
  • Long, angst/drama, (your otp)

Personal Message

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About Me

I'm very sarcastic and dark(very disturbing thought/humor)

I tend not to communicate with others unless the reach to me first(so feel free to)

My mom says that I'm ugly (so that means I'm ugly)

Multi fandom (mostly of Topmedia family)

I'm very logical (a bit too logical)

I could be a great a××hole (there goes the communication)

I draw and part time artist... (Boring right? But feel free to ask/or request *fail wink*)

I'm old... (Get off my yard!!)

I speak up 7~8 languages (what are yah? A translator? Yes)

I'm hapa (Half white half asian)

I used to box and take martial arts (so that means I can knock someone out)

I am a choreographer ( time to bust out some moves)

I like sleep...