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School + Too Many RPs = Leaving Inactive RPs & Currently Not Joining unless Recommended By Friends

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School + Writer's Block = Slow Updates

You have arrived to the awesome world where laughter is the agenda of the day.


100 SUBS: Reached April 13th, 2011 [1:15 A.M.] (YES i should be Sleeping!!)

About Me


Ultimate Bias & Obesession:

Jang Dongwoo

Park SunYoung (Luna)

~Just Look At My Tumblr. You know I'm not Lying~


My Awesome Family:

alteringshadows: My awesome bestie who I love dear.  He knows I love him too.  We have been through alot of things together and each time i trust him alot more.

Jay, I love you my dear, you know I do

hyper-virus: My other bestie.  I love this girl to death.  She makes me feel like a mother sometimes but still.  She is the reason for my typos and emoticon usage....

Sachi stop making me feel old.

Grey_Storm:This boy is my child, well not literally but i treat him like my child.  He is my baby boy that i share with Jay  I love him to death as well.  That is how he ended up in this family of mine.

Terry I miss you alot.

KimSoo94: My lovely baby brother who I spoil to the end of th world.  He is just too sweet for me to bare.

tynipengwyn:This is my twinnie unnie.  Our bdays are a few days apart and we are born in the same year.  I love her alot too

Unnie <3

shikshin28: My awesome unnie who keeps up with my craziness and shows no apparent side of being suprised anymore.

Lee Unnie. Amandabanana loves you XD


I'm a


I want to try to write again but my writer's block is back...


I Currently RolePlay as

F(x)'s Park SunYoung (Luna)

[General First Choice]

As Luna I am a hyper girl who is loves to have big families and have lots of friends.  She loves to bring excitment and randomness to all.

My Home : Milky Way

Present In: 

Was Present In: Ninja Zone & MintyFresh & PBS & StrobeLight RP & Power of Twelve 

& E.P.I.C.afe  & S.E.O.U.L. & Mocha Maid Latte & TPM 

Infinite's Lee Howon (Hoya)

[First Choice Male]

As Hoya I am a cool guy and a gentlemen.  He loves to make fun of the rest of infinite and make new friends.

My Home: --

Was Present:  Mischief Managment

Woolim Girls' Yoo Jiah

[Second Choice Female]

As Jiah I am a calm girl who loves to smile.  She is the calm alter ego of Luna.  She is a friendly person who loves to make friends.

My Home:  --

Was Present In :E.P.I.C. Academy & Lilli's School for the Arts & 4th Dimension & Kuroneko X Cresendo


Soloist & Woolim Girl's Lee SooJung (Baby Soul)

[Second Choice Female]

As Baby Soul I love to talk to my Woolim Family.  I love being babied by my oppas but i love to make fun of my dongsaengs as well.  I am rather social and happy all the time but I am not as hyper as I would be as Luna.

My Home: Blue Knight University

 Was Present in :K-Popsicle RolePlay


I Use to Roleplay as

Two Month's Kim Ye Rim

As YeRim, I am a happy girl who is kinda shy.  She is waiting for someone to break her tough shell.

My Home: IKpop

EXO-K's Byun Baekhyun

As Baekhyun I love to hang out with EXO and hang out with the rest of SM Town.  He is a rather independent soul who doesn't really look for another half.

My Home: Trolling Pigs & Marshmallow RP

EXO-M's Kim JongDae (Chen)

As Chen I like talking to SM Town but I prefer to stick with my EXO family.  He is really supportful of EXO Planet and will try his best to help. He prefers to be single for now.

My Home: Red Blood Hotel

Soloist: Choi Gina (G.Na)

As G.Na I am the umma character and unnie/noona character of those around me.  I love to take care of those around me.  I love my family dearly.

My Home: NeverEnding Paradise

I Might Roleplay as

Infinite's Dongwoo

Infinite's Sunggyu

Infinite's Myungsoo

Infinite's SungYeol

Infinite's Woohyun

One Day


A RolePlay Admin

(All Rps Titles are linked to the Aff Page)

I Admin in these Roleplays all as Luna


E.P.I.C Dimension RolePlay: Idol World/E.P.I.C. Academy/E.P.I.C.afe (Facebook)

We love to have fun, be random and troll those around us.

We love to brighten up your day with our innovative ideas

but most importantly we want you to have fun and feel safe as you RolePlay with us

Admin: Luna, Lu Han, Lay, Sulli, KyungSoo, and Tao

Mocha Maid Cafe

Welcome to the Alternate Universive Roleplay.  We are an awesome maid cafe with no idols backgrouds.

Join us as a Maid  for females or Patron for both female and male.

Luna is the most innocent maid of this Roleplay

Admin: Donghae, Geumhee, Luna