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Personal Message

You are very welcome to send in prompts on my tumblr when prompts are open ♥

(Please note that because of easier "administration", I prefer receiving prompts on my tumblr)

About Me

Mediocre fanfiction writer unable to think about anything but VIXX. 

Awful romantic trying to destroy the fairy tales she believes in.

Way too ambitious for someone who's only equipped with a laptop, a mug of coffee and a cat in her lap.

Suffering from all kinds of amateur writing-related problems.

A lot less gloomy than she seems!

tumblr | curiouscat | ao3


"But who knows if I'll ever get through with the damned thing. Certainly not I. ... The thing might turn out to be utter rot. When I first started, I honestly thought it was really good, now, something more than half way, I'm afraid it's frightfully bad." - Nella Larsen


Please support me on ko-fi.com if you like my works. If you can’t afford it, but still want to show me your support, you can always contact me here or on tumblr or cc, so please don’t feel pressured to do this. However, if you decide to tip me for my stories, that will also make me very happy and I will most probably really spend it on coffee ☕️

Please don’t forget that i’m very grateful for your support, be it in the form of tipping me, following my blog, liking my posts, commenting on my works, sending me requests, recommending my stories to others, or simply just “stalking” my works and thinking of them. I love you all and every form of support means the world to me ♥