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shinee2shinee2     this is all about me.  

    you changed my life.   

` luhan ↷ exo-m » my little deer you kawaii~ 200490 <3
                                     you don't look like 22 heh, baby-face !
                                     stay cute and awesome c: L U H AN ....

` myungsoo ↷ infinite» handsome creation :P don't be so 
                                     shuai can ? 130392 <3 hey come to singapore
                                     soon! inspirit forever~ M Y U N G S O O ....

` yixing ↷ exo-m » don't work so hard u unicorn asuadiafd
                                     heal people and not injured yourself :C
                                     071091 <3 lay oppa stay strong! L A Y ....