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You can find me roaming on these sites as well:

LiveJournal: PurpleandPluto
Twitter: PurpleandPluto
Tumblr: PurpleandPluto (Not very active on here though) PurpleandPluto

I'm sorry to say that I'm leaving this site and everything related permanently. I did decide this awhile ago, considering how long it's been since I've been on here. I am extremely grateful for your support and love all these years. I will not be shutting down my account or deleting my stories if anyone is concerned about that.

Also, after seeing how many people have messaged me about this:
From now on, to everyone who wishes to translate my stories, I give full permission to you to do so. However, I would ask that you give the appropriate credit (ie: my username, original title and a link back).  

I mostly came back here for one selfish reason, and that is closure.  

Thanks again,