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Meep....Hi ^.^ My name is Abrianna c: (i personally don't like my name) SO feel free to call me bri! c:

I like meeting new people so if you see me sending you a friend request, don't be alarmed! I am not weird (yeah totally lying to yourself there) I love reading and I just began writing some fanfics of my own because i think its about time I do something productive on this site xD So if anyone wants to chat and ya know...stuff...wait that sounds heh...;-; help me....ANYWAYS lets be friends :D

On-going with 5 chapters so far

  Completed with 2 chapters (and sequel is being written)

  (draft for right now)


More about me ^.^

Well, I was born in the year of 02, i think its the year of the horse (AW HOBI U LOOK LIKE A HORSE EATING) o-o but please take care of me c:

I am Filipino, Italian, Czech and White (So...basically Im a mutt, as my parents call me.)

I have that kpop star dream....I have a decent voice...I can rap in korean >.> BUT my dancing looks like a penguin....figures....BUT ya never know..it could happen! XD

I can be such an Unmotivated person

I'm homeschooled (No social life)

I have one legit friend (Also inlove with kpop) who lives two hours away from me and we talk on skype...


UB is Jung Hoseok...AKA Jhope (~My future hubby~ *cough* JK JK)

I like to write....but sometimes that writer block just hits me...

I will listen to anything besides country




Bias list (editing in progress) ~BTS-Jhope and suga

EXO-Sehun, Suho, Baekhyun, Kris,Luhan, Xiumin (when u cant pick one)


Monsta x- Shownu

Got7-Mark and Jackson (markson)





Astro-JinJin and Rocky

B.A.P- Daehyun and Yongguk

B1A4-Sandeul and Gongchan


Infinite-Sungyeol and woohyun

P.s I do not own any of the pictures used c: they are credited to there original owners ^.^

All the groups and people I listen to....BEWARE ITS ALLOT


A.kor, Afterschool, A-jax,, Akmu, AOA (cream), Apink, April, Astro, B.A.P, Beast, B1A4, Berry good, Bestie, BgA, Bigbang, BlackPink, Block B,Big star, Brave girls, Boys republic, BTOB, BTS, C-clown, CLC, Cnblue, Crayon pop, D.holic, Dalshabet, Day6, DIA, Drug restuarant,, Exid, EXO, F(x), Ft.island, Fiestar,  Girl's day, Girls generation, GOT7,  High4, History, Homme, I.O.I, Ikon, Infinite, ,JJCC, ,KARA, Laboum, Ladies code, Led apple, Lovelyz, M.A.P6, KNK, Mamamoo, masc, MBLAQ, MINX, mobb, Monsta x, N.flying, NCT (all units), Nine Muses, Nuest, Oh my girl, Playback, Pledis girlz, PPL, Rainbow, Red velvet, Rion Five, Romeom Secret, Seventeen, Shinee, Shinhwa, SISTAR, sonamoo, spica, SS301, Stellar, Suju, Tahiti, T-ara, Teentop, triple t, trouble maker, TVXQ, Twice, U-kiss, Uniq, UP10TION, VAV, VIXX (lr), Vromance, WANNA.B, WINNER, wonder girls, WJSN, Bigflo, Snuper, SUS4, a.cian, 4TEN, 24k, 2AM, 2PM, 2NE1, 4MINUTE, HALO, GFRIEND, miss a, boyfriend, lucky J, MYNAME, VX, the legend, RP, I.C.E, MADTOWN, hello venus, Cross Gene, 100%, Speed

Solo (from groups to)~

Ailee, Agust D, Amber, Baek A yeon, Baekhyun, BOA, bobby, Chen, D.O, Crush, DEAN, eric nam, Eunji, Fei, GD, giriboy, Heize, Henry, IU, Hyuna, Jay park, Jessi, Jessica, Jimin Park (15&), Jonghyun, Jun Hyo seong, JUN.K, K.will, Mino, Woohyun, NS yoon G, Ravi, Simon Dominic, Taemin, Taeyang, Taeyeon, Tiffany,  XIA, yesung, YEZI, younha, Z.tao, Zhoumi, ZICO, Yonghwa, CL, Anda

FINALLY, gawd that took me forever to type XD




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