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Personal Message


~When all’s going great, never forget those less unfortunate than you. When life seems meaningless, take the time to smell the roses and see the colors. When everything downright , remember that things will get better. And if tomorrow is only worse, just remember how to breathe. There will always be love in the world, you just need to keep your heart open to feel it. No one is, or ever will be, perfect, so learn to love the imperfections. Smile, because you’re beautiful.~

About Me

Imma HARDCORE ELF, that's never gonna change. ;) ELF first and foremost.

However, I DO LOVE other groups, including FT Island, Infinite, Exo, F(x), VIXX, and Shinee (my favorite groups I will never leave <3)

I am also a huuuge fan of B.A.P, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, Teen Top, TVXQ, BoA, Nu'est, B1A4, and K. Will.

At the moment, I'm getting to know BTOB and Beast.

^^^^^I think I know BTOB well enough now to call myself a fan....gosh they are absoutely hilarious <3

Ultimate Biases are: Yesung-Suju, Henry-Suju, Jaejin-FT-Island, Sungyeol-Infinite, Lay-Exo. N from VIXX is like an honary member at the moment. >.<