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Hello(: My name is TriNi Chen. ppl that know me call me "GuGa".You would probably be wondering how an Austrailian girl gas a chinese last name? Well, isnt it obvious? My daddy is chinese^^ LOL… i can be the sweetest girl you'll ever know, but just get on my bad side & i could be the biggest you've ever met!! The line i love to use is "Go a pickle" dont ask why cos i dont even know! LMAO!! ppl tell me im random, that i talk alot, & that i should act more WOMANLY LIKE!! im like ", go a pickle!:D" & i talk alot cos i have lots, & lots to say(: i have to admit, i get distracted easily. ppl can be talking to me & i will be in my world, in "GuGa's World":P...a thing that i love to do us tease ppl! I know its not "mature" for my age,but who gives, right?(: im normally the one who the teachers get after, just cos i talk during class! Whats so wrong abt that?! Anyways, dont think im a trouble maker, cos im not...or am i? Nah, i dont think so(: anywho, if you wanna get to know me better just hit that...what is that?...oh, ummm that friend button & lets speak, i mean talk...or is it chat? Whatever, you get the point(: ...or do you? O.o