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Favorite character so far?

  • Jin
  • Namjoon
  • Yoongi
  • Hosoek
  • Taehyung
  • Jimin
  • Jungkook

Personal Message

Okaay, sup everyone O_O 


Here are my top 3 beauties: Exo, Bts, Got7

Yeasss, right so, basically these guys have decided to ruin my life and here I am at my lowest writing fanfics rip


But you all know you love it, I'm no excuse tbvh


Thank you for even coming to my page I don't know why you're stalking me but I'm honored? Should I say it like that?


Please give my stories and my babies lots of love and support because the world is a scary place!




About Me

Please be aware that my vocabulary mostly contains profanity, extreme sarcasm, over exageration and aggressive fan girling screeches.

If you've come across any of my fics, then rest in pieces not peace because ing hell, did any of us ask for this?! Probably and most likely, but our korean fetuses will probably forever exceed our expectations and imagination if ya know what I mean-- stop k no.

So my stories are either about drowning my babies in depressing pools of tears and blood or on a brighter topic, walking balls of fluff that always have that damn slithering snake of angst creeping it way in I'm creeping in your heart, babe~ stop it.

So, as much as my fetus lazy can manage to do in her prime of stress in high school, I shall do my best to promote my OTPies and support my babies that continue to give me constant heart attacks and bad grades.

But I love them anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to read this stupid .



Danke schön

Merci beacoup