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Hi, nice to meet you

I'm a new author in AFF and this is my first story

I Love You For The 13th Time, I hope all of you can give fully support to my story, I will appreciate for your kindness. Feel free to leave any idea or comments about my story, I will accept it with open-minded 

I also have a new account in live journal and I'm totally new at there, so if you're a member in live journal, please add me as your friend

If you would like to share or recommend some fics to me, of course you are welcome to do that. Just leave your comment on my wall or pm me, I will check it


About Me

About Me。。。

Name: Celine

Age: 18 years old

Nasionality: Malaysian

Race: Chinese

Weight: 40kg

Height: 164cm

Personality: cute, love to meet friend, friendly, humorous


Food: ice-cream, spaghetti, cake

Drinks: yogurt, ice lemon tea, honeydew juice

Fruit: strawberry, honeydew, peach, plum

Colour: pink, light blue, white, indigo

Activity / hobby: playing piano, playing chess, shopping, reading, listening music, dancing and of course sleeping

Novel: twilight, the host, the hunger games

Subject: history, languages, music

Drama: 49 days, Oh! my lady, Rooftop prince, Secret garden, The princess' man



In AFF。。。

These are the authors who I admire~♡ (not in order)
















These are the fanfics who are my favourite at all the time~♡ (not in order)

I will never let you go 

Forevermore(sequel of I will never let you go)

Let You Go?

Forgotten Promise

The Love Contract

The Love Contract (part 2)

I'm a Loner

Das Märchen Club

Our Accidental Baby

You Said Remember Me

You Said Remember Me ll

Beautiful Lie

No One Like You

My Absolute Boyfriend

[and many more...]



♩♪♩♪ In K-POP (Groups)♩♪♩♪

I am a/an...

sone (girls' generation)

☆ELF (super junior)

★4nia (4minute)

☆Boice (C.N.Blue)

★Citrine (T-ara)

☆Inspirit (Infinite)

★Say A (miss A)

☆Shawol (SHINee)

★Secret Time (Secret)

☆V.I.P (Bigbang)




♥ Couples that I ship in supergeneration ♥

❥hyukfany ❥sifany ❥haefany ❥yoonhae ❥sunsun ❥ taetuek ❥kyuna ❥heesica ❥yulsung ❥yulhae ❥seokyu ❥soowook ❥hyohyuk


♥ Couples that I ship other than supergeneration ♥

❥yongseo ❥wootae ❥minyul ❥topfany ❥yunfany ❥lunew ❥minstal ❥keyber ❥taelli ❥khuntoria❥changsoo ❥g-bom ❥ topbom ❥daragon





I think that's all about me. If you've any question would like to ask me, just leave message on my wall or pm me, I will reply you as soon as possible



♣ updated on 16th May 2012 ♣